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About Siamese & Oriental Cats

The Siamese breed was mentioned in the manuscripts of Siam in 1350, now Thailand. This breed was reserved for the King of Siam, and was guarded in the Palace. Sir Owen Gould, a British consul in Bangkok in 1884, got a pair named Pho and Mia. He gave them to his sister Me Veley, they had babies and in 1885 they were the first champions. In the same year August Pavie, a French diplomat, also brought back two cats from Bangkok, these cats was donated to the Jardin des Plantes (Zoo). The first standards was established by GCCF in 1892 and the first Siamese cat club was established in England in 1901. Siamese general colouring: light body with darker and well-defined points – mask, ears, legs, paws and tail. Eyes must be blue. There are different types of colours: Seal point, Chocolate point, Blue point, Lilac point, Red point, Cream point, Tortoishell point and tabby point that include these other colours for example seal tortoishell point or seal tabby point. Kittens are born white and they develop their colour on the points from day five, at the age of 12-15 months the colour is set. The Oriental breed was developed from the Siamese breed. In the 1920-1930 the Siamese breed were more popular than the Oriental breed. Breeders only started to show an interest in the Orientals after 1950’s. The Oriental breed got recognized by CFA in 1972. They are found in almost all known combinations of feline colours and patterns. Their eyes may vary from copper to green depending where they are registered and show. The Pointed Bicolours have blue eyes. Orientals can have odd eyes where one eye is green and the other eye blue. The Siamese & Oriental cats is a well-balanced animal, the head must be wedge-shaped, long and well proportioned. The wedge starts at the tip of the nose and flares out in straight line to the tips of the ears, forming a triangle. The ears are large and pricked, wide at the base. The eyes must be oriental shape and the body medium in size, long, svelte and elegant. The legs proportionately slim, hind legs slightly higher than the front legs. The tail must be long, tapering and whip-like. The coat short and fine in texture, glossy and close lying.

What is their Temperament?

Siamese are extroverts and very dog-like in their devotion to their owners and animal companions. They don’t like to be alone and don’t like to be ignored. They are very sensitive and emotional and they love companionship. Siamese cats are intelligent, curious and friendly. Siamese cats are exclusive, very jealous and they have a lot of love to give. Siamese are hyperactive and without any fear, care must be taken when they are reared. Siamese love to play, so toys is a must! Siamese will walk after the human and talk to them, they are vocal. This is a loyal and loving feline who will pine if given little or no attention. The personality of the Oriental is identical to that of the Siamese. Oriental just as Siamese are extroverts, curious and energetic. They don’t like to be left alone. They adore their human and animal companions. There is never a dull moment with them, they like to play fetch and are very loyal to their owners. Their temperaments is like a hunter and they are athletic. They like to sleep on their owners lap and to cuddle with them in bed. They loyal, intelligent and friendly.

Dietary requirements

Dietary requirements good balanced food at local vet shops is essential, Royal Canin has a Siamese specific food for them. Siamese needs to get Oral Care food also to promote good dental health.

Siamese Health

The lifespan of the Siamese group is somewhere between 10 and 12.5 years. Siamese Scooter holds the record as the world’s oldest male cat, dying at the age of 30. They weigh between 3-5 kg’s and average height from floor to shoulder is 20-25cm and average length from nose to tail is 29-36cm.

Meet the Breeder

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        Welcome to African Catz Cattery

African Catz Cattery breed with Siamese and Orientals and is situated in Pretoria, Gauteng.  


I got my first two oriental’s and started to show them as neuters. Sp Pr Bell-Aimee’s Cinnabun was my first Oriental that qualified at CFSA prestigious Gold and Ruby show and was Best Siamese/Oriental Gold Neuter for 2016.


I had this desire to contribute to the breed and to established my own cattery. My cattery was established in 2018, with the help of my breeding partners from Bell-Aimee Cattery and Connemara Cattery. I got my first breeding queen from Connemara Cattery and LesBeauxChats Cattery. 


I choose African Catz as my cattery name due to my love for the African Big Cats – Lion, Leopard and Cheetah – that are part of our beautiful country South Africa. I wanted to incorporate the name with my love for all cats, especially Siamese and Orientals.


African Catz Cattery concentrate on breeding healthy kittens that is well socialized with super temperaments and from good breeding lines.

I only work with ethical, reputable registered breeders to have diverse breeding lines to choose from for healthy kittens.


African Catz Cattery is registered with the following governing bodies: 


> South African Cat Council

> Cat Federation of southern Africa

> The World Cat Federation – CASA

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